• Connects people with passion, Joins knowledge for horses

    Travers Horse Facility will be constructed at just a few hundred meters away from the Equestrian Center de Peelbergen. The new Equestrian Complex Travers will lend itself as a connecting point for people who have a passion for the equestrian sport and where knowledge can be shared. The two values ‘dynamic’ and ‘progress’ are crucial within Travers Horse Facility, this is reflected in the wide rental possibilities. The equestrian complex offers in addition to luxury and comfort for top sports people and horses also an innovative solution in regard of the environment that was designed by the Christiaens group.

    The Christiaens Group is a global leader in setting up turn-key solutions for mushroom farms and composting yards. This achievement is closely linked to their highly embedded value: respect for nature. The additional passion for horses created the idea to develop an innovative and international Equestrian Centre in which an environmentally friendly cycle is created by converting the horse compost into a feeding ground on which mushrooms can grow.

    Travers Horse Facilities is located in the centre of the equestrian world: with Equestrian centre De Peelbergen within walking distance, Sentowerpark 60 km away, 100 km to Aachen and a huge network of international competitions in the immediate vicinity, the hard of many horse lovers will beat faster upon arrival.

    Definition of Travers: Something that intersects and connects. This emphasizes the connection between people who share passion. Our goal is offer the possibility to share expertise that can grow into partnerships and learning from each other. Travers also means: Travelling over a certain area, which we find in the will power and experience that is needed to become successful.

    We believe it is important to share knowledge and experience to strive for excellence, therefore Traverse Equestrian offers the possibility to rent apartments and stables (also for short term rentals), this gives you the opportunity to consciously increase your success in the equestrian world. We hope to welcome you soon or to serve you a certain value with our new dynamic Travers Horse Facility.

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